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YOU can change the life of a child.

You could be the inspiration that propels a child who has battled living in one of the nation’s poorest zip codes into becoming a successful and productive member of society. Volunteering for the Emmanuel Center is more than a good deed – it’s an opportunity to have a profound impact on a child who has experienced more obstacles than prospects.

Our volunteers help defy the statistics our participants face – of becoming high school drop-outs, drug addicts and gang members. You could be the reason that a child finishes high school, attends college and maintains stable employment. How?

Volunteer for the Emmanuel Center.

Today, our volunteers help provide children a bridge to a brighter world. Wouldn’t you treasure providing such a bridge? Volunteers are the most critical resource in all communities. Volunteers make programs, projects and committees function with success. We hope you choose to volunteer for the Emmanuel Center.

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