At Risk Youth Become Productive Citizens

Posted by | March 09, 2015

Of all the methods designed to help at risk youth to grow and become productive citizens, some researchers have determined that what is most effective, is for the child to encounter consistent positive and loving experiences expressed by people who care about them.  I can identify with this statement, in that I grew up in poverty and around negative influences in my community, but I always had positive influences that influenced my life. I had Christian, loving, and very caring parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Teachers and coaches also encouraged me to make the choice to associate with positive role models, who were also my personal friends. I had the support of the elderly in the community as well.  It is with this loving, caring, Christian community that we strive to encourage the young people at Emmanuel Center to grow up to be productive individuals in society. We start at age five by offering year round activities until the completion of high school. Over the last 25 years, we have witnessed thousands of at-risk inner city youth grow up and become productive and contributing members to our society.

Father Colenzo J. Hubbard,
Executive Director